Friday, December 29, 2006

More Year End Stuff-Bob

Today I'll be presenting selections from my Top Ten CDs of 2006 in the 11:00am hour. Then on Jazz Masters today at noon, I'll look back at some of the legends who passed away in 2006. That'll be followed by our final thirty entries in our Top 88 Countdown for 2006. We've been giving you sections of that list all week and it culminates today. KCCK will present the entire Top 88 starting at 9am on Monday, New Year's Day, and repeat the whole thing right after that. So you have plenty of opportunity to catch it all at one time or another. The Top 88 list, by the way, as well as all of our producers' Top Tens can be found on our web site,

Happy New Year!

Bob Stewart, Program Director

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