Wednesday, December 13, 2006

HD Radio Reviews-Dennis

We've been broadcasting in digital HD Radio for over a year now, but receivers capable of picking up the high-quality sound are just now starting to trickle into our area. At Jazz 88.3, we have the Boston Acoustics Receptor, the Sangean HDR-1 and HDT-1 and the Radio Shack Accurian, which is on sale right now for $124.99 after a rebate from Ibiquity, the company that created the HD technology. Corridor-area Radio Shacks are carrying the Accurian, and a salesman told me over the weekend sales are brisk. The others can be bought online.

The Dec. 6 New York Times reviewed several of the models available. You can read their review here (free registration to may be required).

Here's our opinion thus far: The Radio Shack is a great buy for the money, with the benefit of being available locally. We have two, one is playing in my office at this very moment. Only downside is no alarm function, if you're looking for a clock-radio replacement.

The Sangean HDR-1 is a close second, and with its wood-grain case, might look better with your decor.

The Boston Acoustics has slightly better sound, particularly bass response, but it's expensive.

All of the above are table-top models. The only component tuner we've seen is the other Sangean, the HDT-1. But it is outstanding, and we think may be the equal of tuners costing hundreds more.

Have you bought or even heard an HD radio? Please share your opinions! It will help us and be a good guide to others.

Dennis Green
General Manager

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For a technical review of the Sangean HDT-1, see