Monday, March 18, 2013

Wednesday Night Special - Gordon

The Pat Smith Group at Kirkwood

Guitarist Pat Smith grew up in Chicago playing in various blues and rock bands. He attended Coe College for two years and finished his bachelor's degree at Cornell College. After graduating, Smith moved to the San Francisco bay area and played with various blues bands including the fusion band Io. In 1993, he formed the Penguin Jazz Quartet, which recorded two CDs that are available on iTunes. The Penguin's second CD, On Ice, went to No. 6 on Berkeley's KALX FM in 1998, and made KCCK's top 20 for 1999.

Smith was a co-founder of Nossa Bossa, a Brazilian jazz quartet garnering excellent reviews throughout the bay area. The band helped introduce the Bose PAS system, a new kind of amplification system. In 2008, Smith returned to Iowa and teamed with Bassist Richard Wagor. The duo recently released a CD called Iowa Duets.

7 p.m. following JazzSet.

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