Monday, March 11, 2013

The Power Trios of Wolff, Clark and Egan - Bob Stewart

When two of the best musicians around, Michael Wolf and Mike Clark, combine their talents to create a band without boundaries, the result is "The Wolff & Clark Expedition." Pianist Wolff has performed and recorded with several jazz legends, including Nat and Cannonball Adderly and Sonny Rollins, and was exposed to a mass audience as bandleader for The Arsenio Hall Show. Clark has toured the world many times over, appearing with Herbie Hancock, Vince Guaraldi, Chet Baker, Joe Henderson and others, and is recognized as a true innovator on the drum set. Their first release together, also featuring bassist Chip Jackson, navigates tunes from Adderly to Zawinul, deconstructing and reconstructing each composition in their own compelling manner.

"Unit 1" is the debut release from the power trio of Grammy Award-winning bassist Mark Egan, multi-dimensional drummer Karl Latham and master guitarist John Hart. Embracing jazz, rock, Brazilian, funk and world music sensibilities, the trio takes the listener on a highly improvisational jamming journey creating modern interpretations of nine jazz standards reminiscent of Tony Williams Lifetime and Miles Davis' Live Evil.

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