Friday, March 9, 2007

Great Week-Bob

Boy, it was a great week for live jazz in Eastern Iowa this past week. With numerous opportunities to catch bassist Ben Allison and his Quartet and David Sanborn and his Quintet, it was a rare treat for us jazz fans. I caught Allison's date at the Sanctuary on Monday night, after he and trumpeter Ron Horton stopped by the studios on Sunday for a chat and performance (which are now on the KCCK web site). The Quartet had a great time playing for the appreciative audience on Monday, presenting a few hours of their very forward-thinking jazz. And then, on the other end of the jazz spectrum, there was Sanborn at Hancher on Wednesday night playing a scorching set of his funked-up contemporary jazz. Despite some technical problems which had the players somewhat distracted for a large portion of the evening, it was a fine set. I could have done with fewer of his trademark ballads, but that didn't detract too much. As for live music this weekend, Saul Lubaroff gets a two-night stand at the Tuscan Moon in Kalona, while Dick Watson and Eddie Piccard do their regular gigs. You can get specifics with our concert calendar at

Bob Stewart, Program Director

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Jazz rules & so do U!
Go kcck 88.3 fm
Thx 4 all U do.