Friday, March 2, 2007

Clean Up Your Act - George

Topics for Clean Up Your Act for the week of March 5 include "Green roofs grow in popularity" and "An Oscar for Al."

The number of green roofs in the U.S. is said to have grown by 80% in 2005.
A green roof contains a layer of soil and vegetation. It helps insulate the roof, reducing heating and cooling, retains rainfall which reduces pressure on storm seweres, and actually prolongs the life of a roof by shielding it from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Al Gore won an Oscar for Best Domentary at the recent Academy Awards for "An Inconvenient Truth"...a chronicle of his 30 years of research on global warming.
One of the movie's prdocuers...Laurie David...says the movie brings global warming down to a personal level. She says if everyone does something, we can start to solve the problem.

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