Sunday, February 25, 2007

Storm Blog (Sunday)-Dennis

There are many things critical to the success of a radio station... Great music, interesting personalities...

And electricity.

Right now, KCCK has only two out of those three. The winter storm that blew through Eastern Iowa on Saturday first iced over our tower, requiring us to leave the air about 5pm, and remain off till the antenna thawed out. The knockout punch was delivered a couple hours later, when the power lines to a major substation snapped and took out power to the entire Cedar Rapids Kirkwood campus.

Because KCCK's web page is hosted off campus (thank you ABC Solutions!), our web page is still up, although Kirkwood's is not, as of this writing, at least. So you can check and this blog from time to time, to check on our status.

At this time, we're going to regroup tomorrow (Monday) and look into renting a generator to power the transmitter.

We'll also try to post information on Kirkwood's status as well.

Trying to contact us? Office phones and email are down, of course. You can post comments to this blog, or email us at a temporary address...

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