Friday, February 2, 2007

Giving You The Business-Dennis

KCCK has recently added a business report to our midday news. The report is prepared and hosted by Joe Brisben and Ken Wall of BDF Investments in Coralville. Their names will be familiar to radio listeners in the area for past reports on other stations.

Why business news? Well, we all have an interest in the national and global economic climate. Even those who don't own or trade stocks are in the market through 401(k)s and the like. But we wanted something more than just a recitation of Dow Jones Average and a list of stock prices. You can get that from a stock ticker on your computer. What Joe and Ken bring is some context, the "why I should care" behind the numbers, along with a sense of humor that makes the reports entertaining. They're a great addition to our daily lineup!

Hear the Midday Business Report right at the end of the 11:50 news.

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