Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Survey Says!-Dennis

Thanks again to everyone who participated in KCCK's recent Listener Survey. We had over 200 responses, which ran the gamut from "We love everything you do" to "You suck pretty much all the time" and everything in between.

In years past, we would have shared the results and comments with our staff, and maybe put a summary in a newsletter article. But today, we can post the whole darn thing so anyone who is interested can take a look. So, we've done so, down this page. It's mostly all there, warts and all. The only editing we've down is to take out a couple of really uncalled-for personal attacks against a couple of our staff, and taken out one particularly profane entry.

What will we do with this data? Well.... it's complicated. A survey like this is self-selecting. You decide whether you want to participate or not. So, it's not necessarily a sample representative of our listening audience.

That leads to situations like one regarding two of our shows, Smooth Brunch and Big Band Memories. If you read the comments, you'll see that these two shows probably took the most hits out of our entire program lineup. But the ratings show they're two of our most listened-to programs. Which indicates that either fans of those shows didn't fill out the survey; what people actually listen to is different than what they say they like, or some combination of the two.

And, if you read through the comments, you'll see that nearly every show on KCCK is both someone's favorite and one that someone else demands we get rid of.

So, if you were programming KCCK, what would you do?

That said, we do not intend to ignore the results. Far from it. We'll be going over the comments as a staff in the coming weeks, graphing the results against other audience data we have and seeing if any patterns emerge.

Let me also say thanks to the KCCK staff for allowing us to post these results, even though many of us take some pretty personal shots. I appreciate everyone's thick skin and good humor.

OK, are you ready? It's a huge document, but we wanted you to be able to read as much as you were interested in. And, you can comment on the comments in the box at the end of the article.


Summary of Numerical/Percentage Responses

1. What is (are) your favorite style(s) of music that you hear on KCCK?


Bebop 1945-1955 51%

Acoustic Blues 40%

Electric Blues 43%

Dixieland/Traditional 36%

Fusion 36%

Latin/Bossa Nova 47%

Local/Regional Artists 44%

Mainstream/Post Bop 1955-present 72%

New Age/Ambient 23%

Smooth Jazz 48%

Swing/Big Band 57%

Vocal Jazz 59%

Worldbeat 28%

Other 13%

2. What is your favorite KCCK program and/or personality?

Craig Kessler/Jazz Corner of The World


John Heim


Bob Stewart


Mark Yother


Bob Naujoks


Saturday Blues/Bob DeForest


Doug Jackson/Smooth Brunch


Gordon Paulsen


Piano Jazz


jazz Masters


Friday Blues




Gentle Jazz


Funk At Five


Jazz At Lincoln Center


Cary J Hahn


Radio Deluxe/John Pizzarelli


Hearts of Space


Dennis Green


Jazz Profiles


Jazz Set


Murray Kent


Big Band Memories


Sunday Morning Swing


Short List


Ron Adkins


Gotta Minute


Mark Jayne


Midnight CD


Talking Pictures


Melting Pot






Rhythm Sweet & Hot


Wednesday Night Special




Joe Brisben


Writers Almanac


Clean Up Your Act


Jazz Rhythms


Culture Crawl


Star Date


3. When do you tune in to KCCK the most in an average week?

Weekdays 85%

Weekends 74%

4. What time of day do you usually listen to KCCK?

6-10am 53%

10am-3pm 52%

3-5:30pm 50%

5:30-7pm 38%

7-8pm 34%

8pm-Midnight 36%

Overnight 7%

5. At What location do you listen to KCCK the most?

Home 64%

Car 60%

Work/Office 24%

Other 4%

6. What device do you use the most to listen to KCCK?

Regular Radio 80%

HD Radio 5%

Computer Webcast 15%

Phone 0

Ipod/MP3 Player 0

7. Do you attend concerts or events for any of the following organizations?

Orchestra Iowa/Cedar Rapids Symphony 33%

Riverside Theatre 27%

Englert Theatre 46%

CSPS/Legion Arts 30%

Hancher/UI 55%

Gallagher-Bluedorn 27%

Iowa City Community Theatre 8%

Old Creamery Theatre 14%

Kirkwood 30%

Iowa City Jazz Festival ` 72%

Iowa Arts Festival 45%

Friday Night Concert Series 34%

Other 19%

8. What two radio stations do you listen to the most, other than KCCK?



IPR Classical (KSUI)








Sirius/XM Satellite

















9. What non-broadcast Music sources to you listen to?

My Own (Ipod, CDs, etc)


Internet Music Channels (pandora, etc)


Internet Webcasts of Over-The Air Stations


Satellite Radio




10. How do you listen to KCCK online?

Website 100%

Facebook 3%

Twitter 1%

11. What information or programs do you look for on KCCK’s website?

Online Playlist 74%

Concerts/Local Events 56%

Jazz News 33%

Webcast 29%

Podcasts/On Demand 6%

12. Have you ever pledged online?

Rarely 41%

Sometimes 62%

Frequently 24%

13. Are you a KCCK Member (contributor)?

Yes 79%

No 38%

Not Sure 7%

14. If so, how long have you been a member?

6 or more years 57%

1-5 years 38%

Less than a year 5%

Demographic Information:

15. Age

Less than 18 1%

18-24 2%

25-34 6%

35-44 8%

45-54 27%

55-64 35%

65+ 19%

16. Gender

Male 70%

Female 30%

17. Education

High School 6%

Some college 15%

Associate’s Degree 8%

Bachelor’s Degree 30%

Master’s Degree 28%

Doctorate/JD 17%

18. Household Income

Less than $25,000 6%

$25,000-$50,000 19%

$50,000-$75,000 20%

$75,000-$100,000 24%

$100,000+ 31%

Summary of Narrative Responses

What is your favorite thing about KCCK?

o The Music and public events

o The variety of matter what time of day it is, I usually like listening to what's on.

o Nice people and good music

o Jazz

o Live DJs!!!

o No endless obnixous ads that are louder than the regular program. I don't mind when the DJs talk about sponsors and I try to give business to those that I can. I like that there is a variety of music, Jazz, Blues, New Age.

o The music

o Independent radio station.

o Music I can't hear anywhere else

o Wide variety of jazz music uninterrupted by commercials.

o The music and the great personel

o You hear a variety of music & stylings daily.

o The wide range of jazz programming. Accessible people. Mix of strong local shows and great national programs.

o that it plays jazz

o The playlist, where I can look up the info on a song I heard at a certain time & date.


o Great way to find or even just remember stuff I wouldn't otherwise play on my own

o Craig Kessler and the Iowa City Jazz Festival

o Craig Kessler's Saturday afternoon program; Jazz Masters; Jazz at Lincoln Center; Jazz Set; Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz

o "The 6pm shows (JALC, Piano Jazz)

o Jazz Corner of the World

o Bobby D Blues"

o A great, rare musical outlet that is wonderfully "plugged in" to our community.

o Variety

o Jazz

o The mix of jazz through the weekdays

o "jazz, jazz, jazz

o your incredible knowledge

o your local sponsorship of music in the schools, under the stars, and everywhere in-between"

o Music styles; I love Marian McPartland show

o The quality and variety of the programming.

o the music

o "Local station

o jazz under the stars

o programing variety-jazz"

o Blues!

o How cool you guys think you are. It's charming how hep you cat's come off on the air reading your jazz birthday script. Especially that guy over the noon hour.

o How cool you guys think you are. It's charming how hep you cat's come off on the air reading your jazz birthday script. Especially that guy over the noon hour.

o How cool you guys think you are. It's charming how hep you cat's come off on the air reading your jazz birthday script. Especially that guy over the noon hour.

o "My favorite thing about KCCK is that you once in a while play something good by accident, out of ignorance. You occasionally let a student display some quirky stuff late at night. The rest of the time you play tired pop instrumentals fit for a dentist's office. Yawn.

o Craig Kessler's show.

o It's about the music - not profit.

o The people and the local involvement!

o the personalities

o KCCK presents me with new artists and new music that, without such programming, I wouldn't hear. As a result, I have widened by appreciation of jazz.

o "Freedom of the DJs to make their own selections. This guarantees a real mix and reflects personaltities.

o I also love the playlists which allow me to go back to find the title, etc of tracks I didn't hear at the beginning. "

o Programing

o We help bring music to soldiers around the world now.

o Best jazz station in American.

o Real Jazz, new & old

o its independence from the commercial radio formula

o professional broadcast staff!!

o GREAT MUSIC and real LIVE people who know what they are playing and care that it is done right.

o Saturday afternoons 2:00-6:00.

o Love the variety of jazz that you play -- I think it's good to be exposed to different types of music. But I hope rapp music is never considered to be jazz.

o "I like KCCK as background music.

o I like hearing the musicians listed.

o "I love the type of music you play. Its all smooth an relaxing music. Please keep it moving.

o Uncompressed Sound with music that's scarcely heard elsewhere.

o Jazzzzzz

o Jazz all the time. Jazz in the community. Informed host who play the music. Information from the host about the music without too much talk.

o I like th evarity of music - love whenn you play multiple tracks without interuption

o The music

o the variety of music

o That it's something the whole family can listen to and NO COMMERCIALS!

o jazz and special features

o Jazz music

o The Jazz

o Wide variety of music, with identification of artists for each track played and information about when it was recorded. I enjoy learning about jazz history in this way, a little bit at a time, related directly to the music I'm listening to.

o Unless one has XM/Sirius it's the only way to get jazz while driving the car

o good mix of new and old jazz music. I like the history of the artists and the background information of what lead up to a particular artist doing what s/he did

o It is a pleasure for a veteran of radio (and TV) to hear a station which is SELF CONFIDENT. That is the key to listeners.

o Your readouts are somewhat tedious, (album jackets and other

o prepared remarks presented into the microphone,) but YOU CARRY IT OFF. That is niche behavior. As I said, if you like it, you like it, and generally buy into everything. "


o The music

o Only place on the radio dial to find the music KCCK offers.

o It plays jazz and it is commercial free.

o the small family like feeling wher even if you don't know everyones name you know you have seen them before

o The idea that it's a locally programmed public radio JAZZ / BLUES music station

o great music

o Non-vocal jazz

o Good music. No commercials.

o That it's a whole music education; lots of background given about performers and performances

o the variety of music

o Easy listening

o Nice variety of JAZZ and you educate me about the groups.

o variety of jazz types and commitment to good music

o There is a sense of familiarity- I used to listen to you as soon as I walked in the house (I don't watch TV) and through the night when I was breast feeding. Lately, I have been opting for quiet when I come home. But I enjoy hearing the familiar DJs and education about the music and singers when I am making dinner or getting ready for church on Sunday mornings (before Gentle Jazz- I am not especially fond of that program but that's okay I listen to it if its on).

o That KCCK is here in Cedar Rapids.

o Consistently great music. Knowledgeable announcers.

o new and original programming

o Variety of music nd lack of advertisements

o It is great to have a station that plays jazz.

o Learning about jazz. Informed dj's.

o It's local! The weather updates are actually germane (IPR is state-wide and not specific enough). I *love* litening to swing on the radio - KCCK is the only sour e for this.

o no commercials and it plays lost of songs that i never heard before so i get to hear something new

o variety of music, cd of the month, history and information about the artists and performers supplied by the djs. like the variety of on the air hosts--all have different personalities. not much repetition of music. like hearing "old standards" done by different artists

o That your station actually EXISTS, & makes your excellent programming available. Also, in the firm belief that most "liner notes" on any recording are inseparable from the recording itself, it's GREAT to have knowledgeable radio hosts giving us info on the performers in addition to the performance.

o "No Commercials

o Sound quality.

o Funk at Five, the Saturday programing (Radio Deluxe, Smooth Jazz), the contests, support of local musicians, Jazz Under the Stars, and just plain having a great Jazz station to listen to.

o the music

o It ain't pop, man. It's Jazz!

o A great source for jazz

o Mellow jazz and announcers as background in an empty house.

o It's a phenomenal station that I love telling my clients about (I'm a Realtor). It's always reliably good.

o sunday morning swing

o Jazz history, bios and music

o the jazz--

o Just about anything "jazz." it's a great way for me to start my day.

o Just the fact that it offers jazz music in general, I may not like everything played but I still appreciate hearing actual musicians versus what is on the majority of radio stations these days.

o The music

o The online playlist to go back and listen to what you heard the night before!

o The music!

o I learned about KCCK years ago from the concerts in the park. I love those! I love the VARIETY of jazz. I like so many kinds of music that it is great to have the variety. I like the comments about the music, as I am always learning more.

o mix of jazz styles

o Sunday music

o Jazz that you cannot get in the Quad Cities except for Jazz Patio on 86.1

o Few interruptions to the jazz!

o Jazz

o Just about everything.

o Love the Blues on Friday and Saturday nights.

o It's a great non-commercial local resource.

o "The quality of programming and the on-air personalities.

o Still really enjoy Big Mo and Bobbie D on Friday and Saturday nights. They were what brought me over to becoming a contributing member, years ago."

o variety and no commercials

o Local angle and ownership.

o local announcers seem very "real," not commercial/artifical

o good music selections, jazz education, ONLINE PLAYLIST!

o "Great Music with a Background. The quick band member, composer,lyricist,etc. run down. A little history. A little personal info.

o ""Way"" better than commercials. Yeah! No Commercials. Just sponsors.

o Anybody helping ""Keep The Music Playin' "" gets some of my gold.

o music, no commercials

o news, weather

o variety of information, business, local information, movie reviews."

o Friendly announcers/producers who have been around a long time, like old friends.

o Also, calling attention to local events."

o No ads and great programming the vast majority of the time.

o The variety

o The music and knowledge that the DJs give on the artists and the music

o Variety. The hosts know their stuff.

o Being able to donate money for music I love and to keep it going!

o he variety of music. My daughter lives in San Fransico -- when I visit her -- I can not find a radio station that matches the quality of KCCK.


o Wonderful programming.

o when REAL jazz is played

o hearing the latest in jazz recordings and historic vignettes

o Gordon Paulsen's show in the afternoons

o great music and knowledgeable staff

o straight ahead jazz

o the variety of music, and no commercials, info on community events

o the music and lack of constant commercials

o variety of jazz

o I like listening to the music and having intros explained by knowledgeable people. I also very much appreciate the lack of ads!

o "Over all selection of music, lack of commercials and talking,

o easy listening on Sunday Evening"

o The music and on-air personalities. I have learned so much about this genre by listening. It has really expanded my interest and exposure to new artists.

o Your total Jazz programing

o Format and on-air personalities

o Classic jazz and news

o Quality of music and the public radio format.

o great variety. You can hear everything from Big Band, Frank Sinatra, latin jazz, great blues music, great female jazz singers, and of course my favorite group, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

o The lack of ads

o The music of course and the radio hosts(DJ's). The noncomercial aspect.

o "variety of music

o Jazz under the stars!!!!"

o Diversity of music - NO ONE else plays your variety - jazz, blues, funk!

o Music history & education

o Variety,support for local players & events.Only place to hear the Jam bands/progressives.

o Explanations of music, musicians, historical anecdotes; introduction of new CDs and young artists

o "Jazz Corner of the World

o Sunday morning jazz"

o Little talk, easy music.

o Jazz Corner of the World

o Saturday afternoon jazz programming.

o Support of Local events

o My absolute favorite thing about KCCK is the highest of possible standards that your guy (Kessler) displays on Saturday afternoons... Honoring great music with the love and attention that it deserves! There's no reason that KCCK can't aspire to that level of programming all the time.

o "I like hearing about local music events.

o The on-air hosts are all very personable.

o And of course... the music!

o That it is devoted to jazz and blues.

o No commercials! Good music--an even tone that isn't anxiety provoking or obnoxious. Cool jazz.

o Locally owned and opporated

o The personal touch and the local connection.

o good jazz

o Locally played Jazz.

o Dedication to quality jazz and music; excellent local news & weather; good djs.

o the jazz corner of the world

o Saturday afternoons are my favorite programming period. I wish there were more jazz on weekend nights - good jazz, not the light/new/coffeeshop background noise stuff.

o "It's the People..Stupid!

o I feel I really know most of you,and that is a very good thing, and you all know a lot more about jazz than I do."

o Great programming. Great announcers. Great format

o Having no commercials.

o Quality music, blues, no commercials

o Great Music, Good Programming

o I enjoy having a local jazz station.

If you could change one thing about KCCK's programming, what would it be?

o I don't care for the "urban" jazz on Sat. a.m.'s and Sunday Afternoons - too much talking by Cary J. Hahn.

o Bring back Night Breeze on Sunday nights...I'm familiar with the circumstances as to why this program no longer runs and I do like the programs that you have designated in its place (eg. Putamayo Jazz, etc.), but there was something unique about being able to listen to ambient/new age music on Sunday Evening.

o less talk - more jazz

o I would like to see more big band jazz played during the full day rotation. The small group jazz programming is great.

o Sometimes the real far out jazz, that sounds very random, will have me change the station for awhile, but I would bet that is something other people really like, since where else would you hear it.

o I think that as the KCCK listeners start aging, it might be a good idea to start introducing more recent jazz or jazz-influenced genres. I sometimes think that a Post Rock-based show might be interesting including groups like the amazing Chicago scene with groups like the Chicago Underground Duo/Quartet, Tortoise, Rob Mazurek, Jeff Parker, Isotope 217-- these are all on the Delmark and Thrill Jockey labels-- which I'm most familiar with, but there are a lot of other interesting bands in this same space.

o Eliminate Sunday afternoon program with Gary J. Hahn

o Certain programs I listen to rarely, particularly Sunday afternoon.

o maybe more on air during the beginning of the evening and not so much programming after 7:00 pm

o There's a lot of talk between songs.

o Doug Jackson's Saturday morning programming. I avoid it.

o more mainstream

o Schedule the overnight programming and put it in the weekly newsletter so I can know when a particular program I missed (Jazz at Lincoln Center, Piano Jazz, etc.) will be rebroadcast.

o More Blues on weekdays and week nights.

o As above in 'Favorite Styles of Music' I love when groups take a jazz mentality to modern music; rock, electronic, hip hop, whatever, and make their own 'mash ups' of the genre's without being overly 'heady' about it for the sake of making it difficult. Messing around with different styles of music is what jazz is all about, and it keeps the music relevant and gives the average Joe something to relate to if they don't otherwise listen to the music.

o Play jazz on Friday nights, Saturday nights, and Sunday nights.

o Less smooth jazz, Funk at 5, Sunday evening/night show, less blues. This is prime time jazz listening time...

o No more blues. No more "smooth jazz". No more Echoes. Limit or eliminate the type of "funk" Gordon plays. Be much more selective in choosing new or recent releases. There are wonderful new artists and new releases available each month, but I often hear forgetable music on KCCK.

o Cary J Hahn

o Pace, feel of weekday mornings.

o Weekend programming...some of it is not my style at all.

o Revamp the weekend to make it more like the rest of the week

o I don't love the Saturday morning show - it's ok but a little heavy on gospel. I'm sure there are many folks who really like it, though.

o Play music (jazz) that is more melodious. Some of the songs I hear sound like a gaggle of third graders that are trying out their instruments for the first time. I realize that some people might enjoy that sound, but I usually change the station.

o It's nice to have the Putamayo show back, but I miss the new age/ambient music that was replaced by Cafe Jazz.

o get rid of the commercials...that's what they really are; highlighting supporters with's certainly not commercial free.

o More blues.

o "I used to be a faithful listener years ago all weekend long when you didn't have specialized programming with music from the 40s. Seems like that is all I hear when I tune in on the weekends. If you don't like a steady diet of that music or rock blues, you pretty much don't have much to offer on the weekends."

o "The top down control. Charts and sales, when it comes to jazz, is f***ing death. But you all are more concerned about your jobs than about the music. It is painfully obvious.

o You folks could make a difference. Instead you cop out."

o More consistent, high quality, REAL jazz, especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday when I want to listen.

o I would change the weekend programming. I like to listen to the radio all day while I work at home on the weekends, but most often I switch off my radio at certain times because I really don't care for the music or the music producer's banter. I almost never feel compelled to turn off the radio at any other time. Some of the programming that comes to mind includes: Saturday morning smooth brunch, Radio Deluxe, and Big Band Memories.

o More ambient of course!

o I like Mark Yother. But the "Got a Minute" segment has gotten threadbare and no longer humorous. It seems to become an effort to find amusing stories and related jazz music. I'd eliminate it or would change the concept to freshen it.

o "Eliminate ""Funk at Five"", when I have the most time at a stretch to listen.

o Eliminate that awful worldbeat stuff. Do I have the right programming name? I mean the electronic, ethereal, other-worldly elevator music.

o The tendency to play the same track from an album repeatedly rather than change tracks.

o Not routinely announcing , at least briefly, at the end of a selection, what it was (and who) we just heard.

o Sorry that I couldn't restrict this to just one thing. You choose.

o More use of the Sunday morning personalities.

o Decrease the shlock that appears often during the day. Some of the music isn't good & isn't jazz.

o more Sinatra in the morning

o more BLUES!!

o If Mark Y. would speak up it little bit. Mark you tend to mumble in the early mornings.

o I would ditch the Saturday morning smooth jazz programming ASAP. Static would be an improvement.

o More smooth jazz offered during the weekday.

o I would play smooth Jazz at least 8 hours a day.

o I would stop trying to please the few new-agers, witches and Wiccans in Iowa City by talking about the global warming myth and by playing 'mother earth worship."

o More classic jazz

o Saturday morning. The "mo-town" smooth brunch jazz just wears thin in very short order. It is a time of the day I would really like to tune in but find myself shutting it off Sat after Sat.

o Play more multiple tracks without interuption - Play full album sides like Miles Davis Kinda Blue so you can truly get into the music - I woul dpledge more if this was possible

o Some of the local DJ's talk more than I wished they would; I also dislike the local movie reviews.

o Saturday and Sunday morning programming really needs to change. The music being played on Sunday morning I don't care because the recording are very scratchy and old which is not conducive to a calming experience. Saturday morning is ok but I can't take too much gospel.

o nothing specific

o There is one announcer who is very difficult to understand, he sounds like he is talking with amouthful of food. Replace him

o More Dixieland, Please

o Get rid of Funk at 5. If you don't get rid of it, play a wider variety of funk and stop playing the same tracks within the span of a week. Stop playing those live tracks that have audience participation that you can't hear--they're so damned BORING! Mercy!

o Can you bring back "Listen Here!"?

o " NOTHING, or some of the ""complaints"" in the earlier boxes.

o less blues

o Replace the Sunday night music and the Saturday morning music with mainstream jazz.

o A little bit more upbeat morning music to help me get the day started

o It's a nice mix

o play more blues

o I would sure like it if you would cary some of the talk shows like KUNI does...I really prefer there "news" coverage and listen to that station much more than I do your station.

o I've grown to like it very much. I used to listen only to classical music, but find your music great for working to in my workshop.

o Wouldn't change a thing

o I like it as it is.

o "Not a blues fan

o Not a fan of funk at 5 when I am usually in my car. MORE SMOOTH JAZZ

o Ok so more than one thing"

o less blues and more sraight ahead jazz on Friday nights and Saturdays

o "I enjoyed Night Breezes on Sunday nights- that was a relaxing way to end the week-end. I would like that back.

o I don't know if its anything that you can do- the radios at my two offices don't get KCCK in very well. I would really like to play it- no commercials, love the music, share it with my clients- but if we walk by the radio, it gets staticky (did I spell that right?)"

o Take Craig Kessler off. I tire of he's endless history lessons on Jazz each week. If I wanted to take a jazz music history course, I would sign up to one at a local college. His repeated throat clearing and pausing as has forced me to turn off KCCK when his program begins and I rarely turn the station back on the rest of the day.

o "I listen to KCCK in my car, and while I can't disagree with anouuncing songs in 'three's', with jazz, it just doesn't take that long to get from point A to point B in CR. As a result, we miss most of the time, who the artist is and I think that's a shame for people who end up going out and buying music either on CD on on Itunes.

o don't play "old timey" music on weekends, e.g. from 1920-30s

o More funk

o More Gentle Jazz--on Sunday afternoon and Friday evenings.

o I don't care for the got a minute program because the music that goes with it is so hokey.

o Nothing - good balance between music and brief news updates, etc. OK, maybe move Sunday Morning Swing back to 7:00-10:00 a.m. :)

o more blues

o For lack of a better musical term, it'd be great to hear some high energy "jump tunes" programmed...some of the great stuff put out by Louis Prima, also when Louis & Keely Smith were backed by Sam Butera & the Witnesses & some of Sam's later efforts...ala / Sam Butera & the Wildest...perhaps some of Louis Jordan's other words those great 3-part riffs, created on the spot, copying each other's 4-bar & 2-bar me, this type of music just "leaps off the wax."

o Discontinue dixie land, do not like.

o "i would play less Jazz that the melody is unrecognisable.

o Some of that sounds like a nervous breakdown waiting to happen."

o More vocal Jazz

o More smooth jazz.

o Less fusion and stressful music. More funk and smooth jazz.

o "less vocal jazz

o eliminate writers almanac and that type of programming."

o Saturday morning, most of what's played isn't jazz.

o Less harsh (modern?) jazz.

o Sometimes a tune or two of what we fondly refer to as "spazz jazz" is played in the morning (6-8am) that we're just not up for yet.

o drop the sunday evening "easy listening format"

o Do without big band memories

o I would love to hear more aggressive jazz music, things that break the boundaries of jazz as it is known. Unrealistic as you have a certain audience to appeal to, I know, but one can dream.

o Some of the announcers do a lot of heavy breathing and slow talking without saying anything.

o Get rid of Echoes.

o Lengthen Funk at Five

o I like more music and less news reports. I can get the news online or on tv. I tune is and support your station for music.

o no more 1920's crap at 7:30

o I would make all week sound like Sundays, and put Echoes and Music from the Hearts of Space on when people are awake. I would also include great music that is not jazz or blues, creating more of a potpourri of sounds. I would also have several brief, maybe 5 minute, interviews with interesting people every day. Library Board thinks something is a good use of $40M, get 'em on to convince Craig Yother. Do a series of man-on-the street interviews with citizens about how they use the library. Flood stories. 5 minutes, and everyday.

o stronger signal to reach Davenport

o "Saturday morning choice of music currently played is not my favorite.

o I do rather listen to big band music while doing my Saturday shopping. "

o No complaints

o It seems the volume of the on-air host is lower than the music. Exactly the opposite of most commercial stations. Your hosts have interesting things to add to the music, but I don't catch it all unless I turn up the volume slightly. I am 55 after all, and it might be just me.

o "Drop the weekend blues music in favor of more jazz-oriented fare. Perhaps more ""out there"" music than during the week (funk, experimental, jazz-rock fusion, etc.).

o Even more jazz-flavored blues, or blues-rock, would be better, rather than the depressing quasi-country version."

o Make Sunday nights more like they used to be. (Mark Jayne's (sp?) eclectic mix.

o A bit more of HD-2 on HD-1!

o "fewer of the ""national"" shows that have too much talking, not enough music! Things like the Riverwalk Jazz show and especially Radio Deluxe -- although I may not need more of Bob DeForest, most of the other local shows are better to me than these national things, and why shouldn't you stress the local productions?

o Also, it would be nice to have some local news, maybe just few minutes on the hour..."

o I can't think of a single thing.

o I wish George Dorman and the morning news person had louder voices. When the news comes on at 6 a.m., I need to turn my radio up to hear them both. When the music comes back, I need to turn the radio back down.

o Convince the current progressive jazz world to cut down the use of saxaphone players who practice their scales and arpeggios (rehearsal etudes) and want us to think they're being creative. But KCCK can't control that.

o The Sunday afternoon and evening programming. While I appreciate the history, I am not a fan of big band music, the exception being Duke Ellington. He nearly singlehandedly shaped jazz in his time and beyond. As for the Sunday evening and night programs, I've heard it called wallpaper music. I second that opinion. Sunday afternoon and evening is when I fire up Pandora if I'm home.

o Nothing really.

o More blues and vocal jazz programs, possible daily.

o During the morning "commute" (CR doesn't really have commutes compared to cities like Chicago) -- the music can be a little loud for that early in the morning.

o Rhythm Sweet and Hot -- at a later hour than 5 AM Sunday morning

o "getting rid of non-jazz selections on the weekend nights/ daytime throughout the week

o ( new age, world music, fusion, etc) "

o Would like to see the ambient programming (Mark Jayne's Nightbreeze) return

o get rid of smooth jazz and pop music

o more funk and blues scattered in throughout the week

o nothing

o I'd add more of the world related news programs that other NPR stations have. I love hearing music and listen for that reason, but I'm usually feeling a bit behind in world news as I don't watch much TV.

o Friday night Blues is my least favorite

o Nothing ... I think you do a fantastic job of broadcasting, PLUS you are so community-minded.

o Radio broadcast signal strength to reach my home.

o Restore NPR newcasts

o Delete the blues, and add more news.

o Increasing signal strength or signal penetration - I have a different work schedule now and am rarely in an area in which the radio broadcast signal comes in clearly (DBQ to Quad Cities on Hiway 61). Now have Direct TV with those music services to play on home theater speakers so don't listen in to webcast as much as I used to though I do now run it through my computer to home theater. It's more work though.

o Fewer extended interviews.

o The Radio Deluxe Show on Sat morning. . .I don't care for the commentaries from the DJs.

o Less 20's-40's Big Band jazz on Sunday

o I'm not a big vocal jazz fan, but I know that lot's of people are - maybe you could carve out specific periods to meet both needs?

o More about women jazz musicians, more about KCC musicians, community jazz/blues education

o No new age,no Fuzak

o "Too much style shifting.

o Going from smooth to bebop to fusion and back doesnt work for me.

o Programming should be more consistent in terms of era/style.

o I'm not fond of the Saturday morning music, whatever it is called.

o More good, real jazz - more shows like Jazz Corner of the World throughout the week. Not so much light jazz, easy listening or fusion. Maybe you could even rebroadcast some older Jazz corner of the World shows.

o Perhaps refrain from fusing genres during a set time frame. When we are expecting classic jazz programming, it should not overlap with fusion or smooth jazz programming. This type of programming confusion inevitably turns listeners away.

o Less smooth and vocal jazz

o You must think about not playing a variety of jazz genres in the same program. I'll hear 3 or 4 great tunes in a row and then elevator music (the Ripingtons or the like). Frankly, I find it disrespectful that you would play a 5 min. piece of c_ _p amongst examples of great art!


o No "old" dixyland and big band, esp. after "gotta minute" and Kary J.

§ More rebroadcasts of KCCK produced programs so that each program can be heard not only in the wee off-hours of the morning but during a day, evening, and night slot too.

§ More broadcasts of KCCK recorded events. Maybe a new scheduled-program that focuses on KCCK’s recordings and on local musicians. This program could also feature a segment in which a guest host helps select the music and has conversation with the program’s DJ.

§ Like KCCK’s work with the Iowa City Jazz Festival, could KCCK be part of the Bix Fest in Davenport and/or the Cedar Basin Dixieland Jazz Festival in Cedar Falls? Could we broadcast live and/or record for rebroadcasts?

§ I would also like to hear Riverwalk Jazz and the Putumayo World Music Hour broadcast more often and during more convenient time slots."

o "Saturday morning should be a time for hard bop, not fluff. But, OK, I understand that Doug Jackson's show is very popular. But couldn't we at least keep the smooth jazz limited to his show? When the fluff gets sprinkled in throughout the day, I end up having to turn the radio off. Mixing smooth jazz in with mainstream just doesn't work.

o Why not become a true jazz station? The fluff is available anywhere, but the real thing is harder to find. Let's be real!"

o The weekday morning show can be ear-poppingly "squeely" at 7 a.m., to the point of having to turn it off sometimes. I would prefer mellower jazz at that time of morning. (since you're asking)

o Your four-hour block of big-band music on Sunday afternoons. I enjoy the last two hours because the host will shake things up with old broadcasts, etc. I understand that Carey J. Hahn has a big following, but sometimes I feel like every week is a Glenn Miller lovefest.

o its fine

o I've expressed my dislike of vocal music during the daytime before, as it is distracting at work. But you win awards for programming in this time slot, so I must be wrong.

o I'm just not a fan of Big Band or Blues. Sorry.

o less fusion, more real jazz, no non jazz programs (Sunday nights)

o I'd like to hear more, well, consistency. Sometimes I'll tune in and catch a really good classic jazz number only to turn it off in disgust when the next song is this fusion/light/smooth stuff.

o I would like you to pick up the PACIFICA news feed. If you are unfamiliar, it is totally different perspectives. That is the main reason I listen to evening get the Pacifica Feed. They have a 15 minute version. Please try it for 30 days???...see what people think?"

o Announce every song. When you announce every three songs, you absolutely never know who's on and you then have to go to the online playlist when you get home.

o None

o "Some of the DJ's seem to go off on Tangents like the Sunday morning show a couple of weeks ago that was heavy in Religous music

o Add NPR to schedule around Dinner time"

o "There are too many mindless jazz drum solos through out the day and week. If there is a drum solo on when I turn KCCK on and I cannot identify a tune with that solo, I now turn KCCK off for the remainder of the day. Thus my interest in contributing is also diminishing.

o I prefer smooth jazz, and this is one style from which you will introduce more people to jazz than from Miles Davis's ""Bitches Brew"",but I am willing to listen to most jazz until the tunes with the long drum solos come along.

o I even enjoy Latin big band, but I am still having trouble enjoying regular big band."

What other comments do you have about KCCK?

o Love it!

o Keep up the good work and I hope that Kirkwood will always be very supportive of what you do.

o It's a real shame that such a great station as KCCK is, the reception is so bad in many areas of Coralville and Iowa City - so close to the Kirkwood campus. Even with a new HD tuner and HD roof-top antenna in Coralville (North of I-80), your signal frequently drifts in and out, causing volume spikes and other irritations.

o Think you are a great alternative station, and you do a lot to support community music scene.

o Thank you for enriching my life with jazz music.

o Thanks!

o For the most part, just keep doing what you're doing.

o "I would wear out my computer keys in a positive form-- i have been on too long--time to listen to the radio and read the newspaper.

o All of you have and will continue your outstanding work at Kcck. That is a fact"

o Thank you for the survey!

o I appreciate the HD Radio signal but wish it would live up to iBiquity's hype and sound more like a CD and less like MP3.

o Great job!

o I used to be a member, back when they played more jazz. Now I often turn on KCCK only to find they aren't playing jazz and I turn to another station. It is misleading to say you are a jazz station.

o I understand the reasoning money-wise of playing many different things, but it is this that keeps me away from listening. The definition of the word "jazz" get very blurred and obscured.

o I've been a long-term supporter of KCCK. I'm sorry to say that I listen to KCCK less than I used to now that Sirius Satellite Radio and Real Jazz is available in my car and in my home. Most of the time when I turn on KCCK, I hear shows I'm not interested in---blues, world music, etc. I looked at your play lists on the website, and you play some good jazz during times I can't listen--good artists like Kenny Wheeler, Ben Allison, Jan Garbarek, Enrico Rava, etc.

o I actually like the music Doug Jackson and Craig Kessler play on Saturdays, but their talking sometimes seems endless, and I go away. Is there a gentle way of relaying this to them? Alas, there is no hope for John Pizzarelli, who is way too full of himself. I wish you would lose that show, as well as Cafe Jazz (a step backwards). Also, the daytime features seem to be proliferating. I don't have much use for Midday Market Report, nor Sittin In. Thank you for carrying Echos, Putumayo, and Brazilian Hour (so late!), all EXCELLENT programs of world music.

o "I can't even begin to tell you how much I love KCCK! I listened to public radio for many years but turned away when the stations were combined into generic public radio. I am so glad I came back to KCCK and have rediscovered jazz and its importance to me. I also LOVE that you give me local weather (I don't really care what the weather is in Sioux City!) and the sports scores for local and regional teams (especially baseball).

o I have talked to Lisa about the possibility of putting together KCCK sponsored trips to jazz festivals, but we haven't really sat down and discussed this in detail. I would love participate in something like this!

o Thanks for being there!!!!!!"

o Don't know what I would do without this station!


o "I can no longer listen to Kellison on Saturdays..his constant throat clearing drives me nuts.

o I am a Blue note member and have never heard my name on the air, as ""those special members we want to recognize"" "

o "I know you guys try and it shows, but it is painful sometimes listening when market guy tells who's birthday it is and then makes some attempt to connect that to the markets. I know you are a jazz station and that is what should stick with me, but how painful that is everyday makes me turn the station every time.

o Then when I am really digging some jazz tune and you follow that up with some ghastly singer. Somebody on your staff should listen and weed through that stuff. That shouldn't see the light of day.

o I dig the variety of jazz you play but there are so many atrocious vocals, that come right after a cool tune, I get frustrated and put on my ipod.

o Sorry to be so hardcore, but you asked. I used to want to gladly give my money to KCCK. Now it seems like I get a fundraising letter or pitch or gimmick about every month.

o I have pledged to about 15 different public radio stations in my travels. KCCK tries so hard but falls short in my opinion. Most of the jazz I learn about through other sources and other jazz stations on the internet. It seems like there is a very selective playlist you choose from when there is ten times better jazz out there and I hear you guys playing Bela Fleck or Pat Metheny. That's easy. How about some James Newton, Yousaf Latif, Gene Harris, Jimmy Ponder, Ira Sullivan. The only time I hear people like that is on their birthday. Mix it up more, take some chances. Nobody wants a steady diet of jazz. Funk it up like Gordon during the day. Stop being status quo. That enough?"

o "I know you guys try and it shows, but it is painful sometimes listening when market guy tells who's birthday it is and then makes some attempt to connect that to the markets. I know you are a jazz station and that is what should stick with me, but how painful that is everyday makes me turn the station every time.

o Then when I am really digging some jazz tune and you follow that up with some ghastly singer. Somebody on your staff should listen and weed through that stuff. That shouldn't see the light of day.

o I dig the variety of jazz you play but there are so many atrocious vocals, that come right after a cool tune, I get frustrated and put on my ipod.

o "A bunch of arrogant fools playing bad music, with lots of ads.

o "KCCK programming is too inconsistent. There's too much intermixing of styles/quality during the weekday. For example, Coleman Hawkins might be followed by the Rippingtons, at which point I would switch stations.

o There needs to be more jazz on the weekends. I enjoy the Sunday programming until the evening when there is new age, folk, world music, etc., but no music that could be called real jazz. I'm not put off by the blues programming, but it certainly would be nice to have jazz on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, the times when I would be listening to KCCK if the music were more appealing to me. I think of WEEKEND NIGHTS as the TIME FOR LISTENING TO JAZZ, I expect to find it on a jazz station, and I don't find it on KCCK.

o I think that Dennis Green et. al. are doing a great job making KCCK a high quality radio station and a valuable community resource. I support the mission of KCCK and what you do for enriching life in Eastern Iowa. I appreciate that you're interested in collecting feedback from listeners and members and I hope you act on the feedback you receive.

o Please tell Mark Jayne that Paul Baack says hello!

o Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o KCCK is a great community resource. The entire organization is to be commended for its commitment, dedication and excellence in programming. The station is fabulous!

o We're crazy about the station.

o Big Mo and Bobby D rock.

o I just hope that soon you will be broadcast over the air in central Iowa..we have no jazz programming in central Iowa, except what little, and poorly, is done now by WOI FM. I would love to help figure out how you could be set up with a central Iowa translator/transmitter.

o I was listening to a recent Saturday PM I believe...could not believe my ears...I never thought I would EVER hear rap music on KCCK, but there it was...that is not considered music by is more of an irritant...hope this will be kept to a bare minimum. Jazz, Blues, Big Band, Dixieland is what I prefer.

o Please keep up the good work.

o Please keep the jazz playing!

o I really enjoy listening to kcck. Wht a wonderful Radio Station.

o Thank you for keeping the NPR communist news shows away. Thank you for contributing a little class to an otherwise classless demographic. Thank you for caring what we think. Your 106.9 translator doesn't extend your range in any direction, it just overcomes a few dead spots in downtown IC. When you talk about donating stock and other non-cash contributions, please give the 'how to' also. I tried to give a 79 share stock certificate to Dennis Green at the studio but he didn't know what to do with it. Please tell George Dorman to fully research the global warming myth, which is nothing more than a negative population movement with no evidence whatsoever, and remove all reinforcing references to this hoax from your show. Please review whether you really have to broadcast Earthsongs and Hearts of Space. The earth is not animate and must not be worshipped. I always to off KCCK at 5pm because i hate funk. People who like it don't usually have money to donate anyway and it just reduces the overall content quality.

oMore frequently I find myself looking at the dial to see if someone has changed it. Jazz to me should be something you can tap your toe or finger to the music. Some of the stuff you play doesn't stay with you after it's over.

o Thank you!! A thousand times.

o I will make a pledge soon :-{ thanks for reminfding me

o I want to mention that I think "Radio Deluxe" is better than it used to be. The Pizarellis seem to have grown into it.

o You guys are the best!!!

o thanks for existing!

o generally, keep up the good work"

o Keep the jazz coming, a little more Dixieland if you can. Thank you.

o keep up the good work!

o love it, I put my children to bed with KCCK every night. My oldest is 9 1/2 and still asks for it, and my youngest is 18months old and he loves dancing to the Duke!

o "I first listened when traveling I-80 from central to eastern Iowa, years in the past. Very good,but I was a broadcaster then and had my own stew to stir. (I did it all, but spent my last 28 years as a farm broadcaster. I intend to be a contributor for as much time as I can think about it and listen."

o Keep up the great work!! You're becoming more and more rare and unique.

o Keep up the good work.

o Thanks for asking.

o Keep on doing what you're doing. You're an incredible resource.

o "Love the interviews of upcoming personalities for concerts, very informative.

o Hard to find any issues with your team. Keep up the good work."

o I am so grateful for your passion. Someone asked my 6 year old son what his favorite type of music is. He said Jazz. THANK YOU!!!

o Kirkwood does the entire corridor a HUGE favor by providing this community outreach. I always shudder in these budget cutting times that KCCK would go on the chopping block. I want everyone at Kirkwood to know that that would be a huge blow to the area. It's one thing for Blend to close, it would be another thing entirely for KCCK to go off the air. Do what you have to do to stay viable.

o Keep up the good work!

o It was such a pleasant surprise, coming from Seattle and NY State, to find the best jazz station ever. Good job. Please keep it up.

o Glad I found it--great resource for the area.

o Otherwise, keep up the good work....I think it's great to poll your listeners....we all have a musical pulse worth monitoring."

o I live in Walcott my job takes me between Muscatine and Iowa city. I would love it if your signal was stronger in the muscatine and davenport area.

o I'm SO glad it's there. It's soothing.

o Keep the jazz playing!

o I appreciate that this station is available.

o Keep up the good work! Your programming is an invaluable resource and a positive contribution to my lifestyle.

o Keep up the good work!

o You guys are great!

o I don't listen very often because I usually listen to books on tape while in the car.

o I question the value of being so singularly devoted to jazz and blues.

o Keep up the good work and we hope that you grow enough to reach the Quad Cities soon.

o Much appreciate the programming. I do not make on-line donations to anything. I only consider solicitations received in the US mail.

o I REALLY enjoy Bob Naujoks ""Short List."" I learn a lot that I never would have thought to ask about. I would like to see his compilations made accessible for the public. So, a suggestion...

o Consider making up some (or all!) of the ""Short List"" series into CDs and make them - or some choice from them - a premium for signup to membership. I for one would be delighted to have that option and would likely give even more.

o Jim Crosheck"

o Keep up the great work!!!!!

o Keep up the great work!

o Keep up the good work!!

o Thanks KCCK !

o "The Butterscotch Boullion (left) and Prune Moose (right) borders on the web page kind of throw me. Maybe it's my monitor color. (You can read maybe monitor color, or maybe it's just him.) But it makes me queasy. Sorry.

o I don't have any stickers on my car. I don't really even like having the dealers name on my car. BUT I WOULD PROCLAIM MY RADIO PROCLIVITY with a KCCK Car Window Sticker!

o I've noticed that the morning news man seems to lose his breath while reading the news. I keep wondering if he has a health problem. It has continued for some time.

o I have learned alot. I wish I could get the station on my house radio but it does not come in. Even though the radio is less than 5 yrs old.

o "Murray Kent,

o Mark Yother,

o Rhythm Sweet & Hot

o The 3 best ! !"

o We live in Iowa City only during the summer months (May to September). The rest of the year we live in New York City. KCCK's programming is better than any that we can get in the NYC area, including WGBO.

o It seems that at least some of the music selections have moved to more of the R&B genreand moving away from some of the more traditional jazz music. Also had hoped to keep some of the ambient programming from Sunday night.

o keep up the great work, dennis is a solid leader and visionary.

o too much music that is not really jazz. Pizareli's show should not be at noon or one on saturday. put it on sunday night if you must have it.

o I don't like chaos jazz during work day

o Keep up the great work!

o Keep the Music playing on KCCK

o Keep up the good work!

o I hope you don't get gobbled-up by the statewide public radio conglomerate.

o Recognize that people like me contribute at each fundraiser, not just once a year.

o Tell Dennis that we are long overdue for a lunch date.


o Thanks,but I miss thoughtful news like Democracy Now

o This is one of the only problems I have with KCCCK is the almost nonstop ongoing plea for donations. I give what I can but lately things have really been tight for me and it really inhibits what I can give.

o "Keep up the GREAT work!

o Thanks from Jamie and Sue"

o Hope your financial condition is hanging in there - it is tough out there.

o Overall great job!you will never please all people,so keep up the variety.Even when I hear stuff I don't like it's at least different from the usual earsludge of most stations.

o Thanks for keeping the music playing!

o Keep up the good work. I know in these times it's hard to find the resources.

o "Do even more local features. I do love the High School Programs featuring local artists. But stay more focused on jazz..there is so little of it!

o Thanks"

o Thank you for your time and for listening to my remarks. I really hope that KCCK can improve itself by giving the listeners what they want. I don't think that I'm alone in my opinions, but I guess that remains to be seen. I would love to be proud of the station that I know that you are capable of becoming.

o "Too much old timey music. Also too many vocalists not really doing jazz- rehash of pop tunes, got to have the inflection- soul!

o Going down hill, I'm a VERY early listener, not likeing recent changes. Listen to Bob Parlocha (on-line)for Great jazz programming!"

o Thanks for taking this survey.

o "I am in love with jazz, and I love KCCK. But I've lived in other cities with stations that stick to true jazz (by which I mean no fluff, no smooth jazz). I wish we would too. (KRTU in San Antonio is an example, at least when I left S.A. 3 years ago.)

o Keep up the fabulous work and thanks for all you do for the community.

o Love it!

o The website is really pretty, but almost too packed.

o "Oh..I listened to one of your ads, and went to Club 76 in NL for Mardi Gras. BF Burt and other great musicians.

o Please support the many local cool musician we have. Think that is a major weak spot. Play their stuff. Identify as HOME GROWN. I never hear BF,or Bob Dohr (formerly of IPR)or Ben Schmidt or so many of the people who play and live in our bergs!

o Love Ya! T2"

o Sure wish the signal was stronger. Can only pick it up in the car. Sometimes.

o "I simply urge Kirkwood to do whatever they have to do in these tough budget times to continue to support the community outreach provided by KCCK.This is one of the true assets of our area and Kirkwood is a hero for providing this. It has enriched many students lives, created a whole area of educational opportunity, and provided enjoyment and awareness of America's most important art form. Well done.

o "Overall very nice Station. A great job by most of the DJ's

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