Friday, June 12, 2009

The New 106.9 - Dennis

KCCK's Johnson County booster at 106.9 is back on the air after moving to a new tower. For nearly two decades, the translator broadcast from a leased towe northest of Iowa City. Recently, we lost our lease, and in advertising parlance, 'everything had to go.'

Our new home is atop the Kirkwood campus on Lower Muscatine in Iowa City. The good news is that this puts the low-wattage (just 100 watts) transmitter much closer to town. However, we're also not nearly as high up, which might decrease signal range.

Coming soon: An upgrade to the translator itself, which will enable it to re-broadcast our HD signal as well as the analog one.

Please let us know if this change makes a difference in your reception of KCCK in Iowa City or Coralville, good or bad.

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