Monday, February 27, 2012

Live Sets from Jordan and Moulder - Bob Stewart

2012 NEA Jazz Master Sheila Jordan's performances are always intriguing blends of imaginative music making and deeply felt, richly emotional storytelling. More than many performing artists, she lays her life on the line with everything she sings. And more than any other jazz vocalist she reflects the power of the instrumentalists who shaped her musical life. She alone, it seems, can combine Rolllins' drive and Parker's soaring invention with Ella's spunk and Billie's passion. Sheila has always enjoyed performing in duet with an acoustic bassist. For her new CD -- "Yesterdays" -- a previously unreleased performance from 1990, she's in a live setting with Harvie S.

Known for his ability to create masterful studio recordings of his sweeping, cinemagraphic musical visions, guitarist John Moulder transports a live audience at Chicago's venerable Green Mill Jazz Club on his new CD, "The Eleventh Hour." Of the performance, the Chicago Tribune's Howard Reich wrote "...the music-making often achieved a quiet serenity, bringing a capacity audience to a whisper. There's simply no way to converse when music of such profundity and grace is unfolding." Along with saxophonist Geof Bradfield, pianist Jim Trompeter, Larry Gary on bass, and his long-time collaborator Paul Wertico on drums, Moulder adds another dimension to his powerful body of recorded work.

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