Monday, September 12, 2011

The American and Puerto Rican Songbooks - Bob Stewart

A collaboration that has spanned 18 years, the Tierney Sutton Band has garnered considerable critical praise throughout the world. The acclaimed vocalist is joined by instrumental virtuosi Christian Jacob, Trey Henry, Kevin Axt and Ray Brinker to form a partnership in musical unity. Together they have received three consecutive Grammy nominations, and received numerous nominations from the Jazz Journalists Association. With eight successful discs under their belt, they present their newest release -- "American Road" -- on which they devote themselves to reinventing the American songbook.

Many of the most cherished standards in jazz were born as popular songs which have served as a source of inspiration for jazz artists. They still do. Now, with "Alma Adentro: the Puerto Rican Songbook", saxophonist, composer and arranger Miguel Zenon brings that jazz tradition home-his homeland of Puerto Rico. The disc is comprised of ten pieces from a quintet of Puerto Rican songwriters, orchestrated by Argentine pianist, composer and arranger Guillermo Klein, and featuring Zenon's regular quartet augmented by a 10-piece wind ensemble. "This was not just about melodies and harmonies," says Zenon. "There was a deeper, more emotional connection here. I grew up with these songs and they all had a very special and lasting effect on me."

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