Wednesday, November 10, 2010

KCCK's Military Veterans

Veterans Day 2010 - we note several KCCK staffers who are veterans of military service.

Mark Yother was in the Air Force for three years. He was editor of the base newspaper at Ent Air Force Base in Colorado, then worked in radio and television with the American Forces Korea Network (AFKN) for a year.

George Dorman spent two years in the Army, including a year in Korea -- first in field artillery, later as a reporter/photographer for the 2nd Infantry Division newspaper. He also worked weekends as a radio newscaster and television sportscaster for AFKN.

Cary J. Hahn served four years in the Navy, broadcasting on Armed Forces Radio aboard the USS Hancock aircraft carrier during Vietnam service and on the island of Kodiak, Alaska.

Murray Kent was a news and sports announcer for American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) and an FM radio music host.

Bob Naujoks spent his entire two-year Army tour at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., managing an enlisted men's service club.

Student Music Producer Josh Roberts is an Army vet who did two tours of duty in Iraq as a helicopter mechanic.

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