Saturday, January 9, 2010

THE BEST jazz station I have ever listened to! - A Listener

This is from a listener on our Face Book page.

This is THE BEST jazz station I have ever listened to! I've been all over the country and have yet to find a station playing such a wide variety of jazz. It is disappointing to drive into Tampa or Dallas and all you can find is "Smooth" or "Lite" jazz. Heck I couldn't even find a good salsa station in Florida! KCCK pla...ys it all. They also partner with the Iowa City Jazz Festival which is one of the best free multi-day jazz festivals in the US of A. Check out their website and listen for yourself! - Brian Hill.

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Anonymous said...

I agree whole heartedly with this great guy.
After happening upon Kcck via the "radio" back in 1980, I couldnt turn my dial to any other position. I happened upon Grover Washington playing a mighty great tune. It has been a great 30 years of listening!!!
Those mighty great tunes have never
dropped. I am always so proud to talk about Kcck to any one.
Kcck has helped me through times in my life and now I need it to help me with my painting in my studio.
Jazz is the best music to have ever been made and Kcck is the best "jazz" station that I have ever come upon to play it.
Keep up the great work
The wife and I love it!