Friday, August 7, 2009 All Clean! - Dennis

KCCK fans who use Firefox or Safari as their web browser have noticed something very disturbing over the last few days. Whenever they surfed to our site, they received a warning screen saying that Google had rated as an attack site that would download malicious software to their computer.

Well, I'm happy to report everything is fine. Our site was hacked a couple of weeks ago. It appears the attack came through the software that publishes our Concert Calendar. To fix the problem, not only did we scrub the problematic pages, but actually moved all of to a totally different server, with new access codes and everything.

Unfortunately, even after the site was fixed, the warning still displayed. We had to request a site re-evaluation from Google, which took several more days. Finally, as of Aug. 7, it appears the warning has been taken off.

So, you can surf Jazz 88.3 in safety and confidence. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks to our web host, Royce Bennett at ABC Solutions, and Webmaster John Shulz for their quick action in helping us resolve the issues.

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