Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where's Cary? - Dennis

On the heels of the unfortunate news that local TV station KGAN has dismissed our beloved Cary J. Hahn, many KCCK listeners expressed gratitude that they could continue to hear Cary indulge his OTHER passion, Big Band music, on his weekly show on KCCK.

Well, if you've been listening to Big Band Memories lately, you know that there is an "Iowa Traveler"- sized hole in our broadcast day. Cary has been off the air since March 21.

It has nothing, well, nothing directly to do with his departure from TV. Cary has thrown his hat in the ring for political office in Linn County. Due to federal Equal Time for candidates provisions, this requires him to take a leave of absence from his KCCK show.

Ironically, the restrictions don't apply to office holders, only candidates. So, win or lose, we expect him back on the air in a few months.

In the meantime, the very able Murray Kent will be filling both halves of Big Band Memories during Cary's leave.

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Matt Alles said...

Thanks for the update, Dennis! Murray is doing a fine job of filling in.