Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Weekend Lineup! -- Dennis

On-air announcements will start in a few days, but I wanted to let you know about some exciting changes coming to KCCK's weekend Lineup. Both Saturday and Sunday are affected, so we'll proceed chronologically.

First off, we are pleased to announce that one of the Corridor's most-recognized jazz experts is joining KCCK. Craig Kessler is the owner of Real Records and CDs in Iowa City. Craig began his retail music career in the Chicago area, where he got to know many of the Windy City's musicians and label owners.

Craig has also been one of hosts of "As Night Falls" on KSUI-FM, with the UI's John Rapson and Dan Moore. As you may know, Iowa Public Radio has debuted a new state-wide, classical music schedule , and they weren't able to find a spot for "As Night Falls," making Craig available.

Craig's KCCK program will be similar to the one he hosted on KSUI, with jazz music, stories and history, all around a central theme. We hope that John and Dan will be regular guests.

Craig's yet-to-be-titled program will air 3-6pm Saturdays. Ken Rinehart will move up to the Noon-3pm shift, right after Doug Jackson's Smooth Brunch.

Sunday's changes are equally as exciting.

I'm pleased to announce that Gentle Jazz will soon be expanding to four hours. For years, one of the most-requested program ideas for KCCK has been for a "softer jazz-brunch program on Sundays," to complement the vintage jazz programs which are also very popular. The return of Bob Naujoks from a summer off has given us that opportunity.

The temporary host of Gentle Jazz, Ron Adkins, did such an outstanding job that we didn't want let him go! So Gentle Jazz will double in size, now airing from 9am-1pm. Bob will host the first half, and Ron the the second.

But don't worry. Your other favorite Sunday shows aren't going away. Mark Yother's Sunday Morning Swing will remain three hours long, but will now air from 6-9am Sunday. Big Band Memories will continue to air from 1-5, with Cary J. Hahn and Murray Kent. Riverwalk Jazz moves to 5pm.

The new lineup takes effect the weekend of Sept. 29.

As always, let us know what you think!

Dennis Green
General Manager


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear Craig on KCCK.

Saturdays are now a power packed line up from early morning through midnight.

Great programming choices.

Helen and Bill Byington said...

We were out of the country for over 2 weeks, and it took me quite a while to find out that Riverwalk with Jim Cullum was still on KCCK, but moved to 5PM on Sunday evening. We are grateful that that program is still on and gladd to have Gentle Jazz time increased!!!!

Tiffin Jazz Fan said...

The new Saturday lineup was GREAT. I loved all of it, especially hearing so much Wayne Shorter on KCCK. Kudos to the management for making such a bold leap! That's the kind of programming that will induce me to contribute some of my hard earned cash.

Anonymous said...

Was very happy to hear that Ron Adkins would continue with Gentle Jazz. I love his selection of music. Betty