Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Brush with Greatness-Dennis

Do you remember the episode of "Happy Days" where rock star Flash Cadillac stays with the Cunninghams for a few days but Richie can't tell any of his friends?

We had a similar experience this week when a call came from an LA ad agency, asking if they could rent our production facilities for a taping session with Masters champ and Cedar Rapids native Zach Johnson (pictured with Gordon Paulsen). Zach and his family have been home for several days visiting his parents.

I'd like to say it's because the reputation of KCCK for quality is nation-wide, but I suspect it was more because when you search the phone listings under "radio station" in Cedar Rapids, guess who's first in the alphabet? Try it.

Of course, since he was not here for a promotional appearance, but to work, we were asked to keep a low profile.

And we did.... more or less. After he completed his recording, we had to make a little fuss, of course. Zach exhibited the graciousness that the world now knows him for, posing for a couple of pictures and signing an autograph.

He's warm, funny and still just a little nonplussed, I think, when people make a big deal out of his showing up someplace. He's done a lot for Cedar Rapids and for Iowa, just being himself.

I'm proud to say I met him.


Matt said...

Speaking of Happy Days, I think your blog just “jumped the shark”. I have nothing against Zach Johnson or golf in general, but it seems that you’ve joined the masses of every other self-serving Cedar Rapids organization needing to pump themselves up.

“Hey I know Zach…we’re like best friends and stuff”…

This seems like something commercial radio would do…drop the name of someone totally unrelated to make themselves sound like they’re more hip or connected.

Good job.

Anonymous said...

I don't even like golf, but nowadays when it seems that "celebrities" gain fame for nothing more than being vapid, narcissistic twits who's only skill is showing up at a party looking good, I find it refreshing to see someone like Zach Johnson come on the scene displaying a decent, humble, "mid-west" attitude.

Here we have a nice little local-boy-does-good story and people feel the need to rain on his parade?

Zach deserves his time in the spotlight and KCCK has nothing to apologize for.