Friday, April 20, 2007

Clean Up Your Act - George Dorman

Topics for Clean Up Your Act for the week of April 23 include "Burning fat for your car" and "The Iowa River makes a list of endangered waterways."

Tyson Foods plans to send fat from one of its plants in Texas to a nearby ConocoPhillips refinery where it will be mixed with diesel. It will be called "renewable diesel" and marketed for fuel. ConocoPhillips will produce 175-million gallons of renewable diesel per year and is experimenting with other sources like algae.

The Iowa River is on the list of Most Endangered Rivers in America for 2007 by the environmental group American Rivers. Growing loads of sewage from both humans and livestock are cited. Andrew Fahlund of American Rivers says the Iowa D.N.R. has neglected to write rules to help implement the Clean Water Act. The is the first time that an Iowa river has made the list.

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George Dorman - News and Operations Director

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Anonymous said...

Well I'm just surfing through blogs and I found your page. Me and my classmates are trying to stop pollution in our local river. It would be awesome if you could write back! Cheers